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A subsidiary Erikoglu Yatirim Holding; we as Erikoglu Technology, continuously growing by offering high added value services through engineering software automation consulting solutions, have been supporting you for 20 years as your partner to continuously improve in data collection, industrial automation, process control, energy monitoring and customer-specific software to help you keep and strengthen your competitive advantage in a world where efficiency is rapidly growing and adapt to a changing world.

Automation & SCADA
We maintain incremental value to our business partners in industrial automation, agricultural automation, energy monitoring and process monitoring and approaches that will boost company efficiency.

As part of engineering services, our services which include energy quality, grounding metrics and thermal data, reporting and technical advice. We provide business with the most precise and efficient solutions to avert future losses by analyzing data sets in the best way possible. Based on the measured energy parameters, we promote high energy efficiency by presented road map for energy management including efficient motors and lights.

We offer turnkey services through the use of state-of-the-art technology in all phases of industrial and agricultural automation projects. We also provide our business partners with proprietary software services according to their demands along with automation projects.