• Energy Efficiency

    Primarily in efficient motor applications, we maximize efficiency in the use of electrical energy in pre-installed or future systems with the help of electrical measurements and computations.

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  • Electrical Measurements

    -Thermal Camera Measurements
    -Grounding Metrics
    -Power quality and Harmonic Measurements
    -Measurements for Internal Installation Control

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  • Technical Consultancy

    If you request a technical consultancy from our company, we provide the following services:
    -Thermal Camera Data
    -Grounding Metrics
    -Technical Investment Advisory
    -Power, Quality and Harmonic Readings
    -Internal Electrical Controls
    -Energy Consultancy
    -Active/Reactive Power (Compensation) Controls

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  • Company Specific Applications

    Developing unclassified automation and SCADA projects that businesses might need except for production processes. (Personel-oriented practices, special shopping mall applications, etc.)

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